Janet and Dan’s Wedding at the Roxborough Park Foundation

Janet and Dan are one of the most real, authentic couples I’ve met. I first met them at a coffee shop in Golden, just after they’d completed one of their Crossfit workouts. This couple is STRONG! In more ways than one: Due to the flooding in Colorado, they found out just a few weeks before their wedding that they would be unable to have their wedding in the original location. So with just days before their guests would be flying in from across the country, Janet and Dan found another location at Roxborough State Park, and transferred the celebration to a completely new venue! Their ceremony and reception was one of the most touching, meaningful celebrations of love I’ve been a part of. Janet and Dan, thank you for allowing me to be a part of your day! 

Ceremony and Reception: Roxborough State Park Foundation

Flowers: Rachael Hunter-Mann

Caterer: Greenspoint